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World of Tanks

Let me be blunt: this is damn near the perfect shooter. World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game set during World War 2, where, as a tank commander, you have at your disposal over 150 armored vehicles. When looking at the gameplay graphics, which are almost photo-realistic, you could be forgiven for thinking it would be difficult to get into. Not the case. Gameplay is simple and hugely addictive and you’ll spend hours at a time exploring a seemingly endless world of breath-taking battles.

  • Stunning gameplay graphics
  • Simple and familiar controls
  • Over 150 American, British, German, and Soviet vehicles
  • Build an empire and dominate the globe
  • A huge world, including 33 game maps.

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Star Wars – The Old Republic

If you’re a Star Wars fan, this is the ultimate MMORPG. EA spent $200 million developing Star Wars – The Old Republic, and it shows. The open world itself is huge – well over 300 square miles – and dwarfs similar worlds like WoW; making you feel like you’re part of a real-life universe. When you start, you decide to fight for The Empire or The Republic, and then the fun really starts. The visuals are top notch, gameplay is simple, and there are literally thousands of things to learn and explore.

  • One of the biggest open worlds in history
  • Fight for the Empire or the Republic: 8 classes
  • Flexible character creator
  • Stunning visuals and cut-scenes
  • Explore and use all things you know from the movies

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If you’re familiar with WoW, you’re familiar with Wartune. In terms of both visuals and gameplay, it’s quite similar. Where it diverges, and in my opinion takes many steps forward, is in your ability to do a lot more. As well as all the familier elements of exploration, mastering skills and abilities, and rising up the levels, players can determine the success of their own city. There are months – probably years – of gameplay here: single and multiplayer areas, guilds, farming, strategy, role-playing, and more.

  • 3 classes: Mage, Knight, Archer
  • Single and multiplayer
  • Guilds, farming, stretegy system, leveling
  • Huge PVP battles for 1,000 players
  • A mixture of Skyrim and WoW in a dark world

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World of Warplanes

No question: this is the best dog fighting multiplayer game around. Set in the mid-20th century, you begin in a hanger with a choice of aircraft from the ’20s and ’30s; before long, though, you’re up in the air and fighting for supremacy. Graphics are almost too realistic and flying is uncomplicated and easy to learn. As you progress, better aircraft become available, as well as different features to add. With a great mix of strategy and fast-paced gameplay, and 15-pilot teams, you’ll be playing for months.

  • Over 100 planes
  • Up to 15 PVP squadrons
  • Training and battle modes
  • Diverse controls: Mouse, joystick, keyboard, gamepad
  • Photo-realistic visuals and immersive environments

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Rise of Mythos

Rise of Mythos is my favorite MMO and card trading game. You begin by choosing from 4 classes: Warrior, ranger, priest, and mage. And, as you progress, you build your deck with a range of powerful creature allies. Featuring single-player and multiplayer abilities, the aim of the game is to adventure, explore, and build up your collection of cards to gain different skills, abilities, and attributes. Graphics are nice, the community is highly-populated, and gameplay will have you addicted for months.

  • A highly-addictive MMO and trading card game
  • 59 massive levels of gameplay
  • PvP arena battles
  • Challenge bosses with your friends
  • Auction house and customizable deck

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Pockie Pirates

Pockie Pirates is set in a beautifully-rendered 2D world. You explore a vast world of oceans and towns – hunting for treasure, fishing, getting in fights, and more – and captain your own crew and customizable ship. You’ll find hours of gameplay here. Action is turn-based and you’ll find yourself living the pirate life for months; there’s so much to do. Build up your fortune, trick out your ship, level-up your skills, and make your crew the most feared bunch of skallywags in the world.

  • Have your own ship and recruit new crew members
  • Hunt for treasure, fish, interact with a vast pirate world
  • Tons of exciting quests and endless adventuring
  • Probably the best 2D graphics around
  • Experience the pirate life and explore a dangerous world

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Cyber Monster 2

Cyber Monster 2 is cute and feature-rich and has a massive following. A turn-based MMO, you choose from 4 playable classes, and explore a vast and highly-populated world. Gain skills and abilities, form guilds, collect items, quest and explore, have pets and rideable mounts, fashion clothing and weapons, and level up to become more powerful. It has all this and lots more. You can battle, adventure, or relax and craft. Constant updates ensure this is a game you’ll play for months or more.

  • 4 Classes and 2 factions
  • Farm, own, and train pets
  • Join guilds
  • Mine, farm, craft, treasure hunt, and more
  • Huge world to explore with thousands of players

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Lord of Ultima

This is a dream come true for Ultima fans. Set in the Ultima universe, Lord of Ultima is a real-time strategy game, spread across a huge number of islands in a land called Caledonia. You begin by controlling a simple city. The aim is to expand your city – using resources like food, stone, iron, and wood – and make your armies more vast and powerful. Protect yourself from attack and then go on the offensive and lower other cities to the ground. This is a world of empire-building, monsters, dungeons, and alliances!

  • Construct over 30 different types of buildings
  • Build and grow your city and form alliances
  • Expand your armies
  • Collect resources to develop your empire
  • Compete with players from around the world

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The Walking Dead

I’m a huge Walking Dead fan and I’ve put in hundreds of hours playing this game on Facebook. You start by entering the Walking Dead universe. As you’d expect, it has a rather large zombie problem. Your goal is simple – to survive – but the game itself is packed with a seemingly endless number of features: explore, collect items, fight zombies, fortify camps, master abilities, form alliances, compete with friends, collect objects and weapons. It’s the closest I ever want to come to a zombie apocalypse!

  • An amazingly feature-rich social game
  • Learn to survive and explore a huge world
  • Roleplay and strategize: control your avatar, grow your group
  • Go on missions, interact, collect items
  • Grow your abilities and try to survive the plague

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I can spend hours playing Scrabble on Facebook. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, the idea is to use your collection of available letters to spell words, and compete with your opponent to get the highest score. Your score depends on the letters you select and on where you place them on the board. This particular version of the game is beautifully-rendered and makes for a fun way to interact socially and pass some time. It’s also hugely addictive, despite the simplicity and lack of explosions!

  • Compete with your friends
  • Beautifully-rendered visuals
  • Simple game mechanics, so everyone can play right away
  • Social sharing features
  • Addictive and tons of fun

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